This is Tether

Tether has pioneered a solution to monitor and manage the ecological impact that families have on the homes that they live in.

The Tether ecosystem consists of:


  • connected Tether devices (sensor hardware);

  • a network (Low Power Wide Area Network);

  • a cloud-hosted software platform;

  • an installation mobile application, and

  • a tenant mobile application to educate tenants based on real-time data 


The Tether Device 

Before designing and building the Tether device, we approached a number of industry experts. We determined what needed to be measured to make the biggest impact on the healthiness of homes and the level of comfort experienced by the families that live in them.


The Tether device was designed and built around 4 main pillars:


  1. Low Power

  2. Low Cost

  3. Ease Of Use

  4. Accuracy and utility of measurements and data


Device Features


Carbon Dioxide


Relative Humidity




Ambient Noise




Ambient Light

+ 3Yr Battery Life

or Mains Power​

The Tether Platform

The Tether software platform provides alerting and reporting capabilities via a dashboard. This enables you to monitor, manage, interpret and visualize of all your connected Tether devices.


The Platform is built on hyper-scalable server-less architecture enabling true multi-tenancy with enterprise grade reliability, security and performance.  

Key Features

Real-time monitoring

Open API allowing seamless data integration with existing systems

Configurable Alerting

BI Analytics, graphing and trends deliver meaningful statistics 

View and manage all assets

The Tether Network

When we designed the Tether solution we needed a network that wasn't only ubiquitous but also low powered and inexpensive. 


Wifi networks can be unreliable and have connection and setup difficulties; not all buildings possess dedicated internet connections. 


Mobile networks (3G/4G) are expensive and are extremely power hungry.


Tether was built to use the latest in LPWAN (Low Powered Wide Area Network) technology. This makes the installation of our solution frictionless and enables us to achieve 3 years of battery life. 

Our proud network provider
The Tether App

The Tether mobile application was built for the families that occupy Tether enabled homes. The primary purpose of the Tether app is to educate and inform the occupants on the most efficient way to run a healthy home. By notifying them when something is wrong and giving real world suggestions on how to fix those issues, Tether ensures the home is functioning at its healthiest.


According to multiple studies, the majority of poor air quality conditions can be fixed through education. 


Tether aims to empower families to make smart decisions backed by data to enable them to create healthier living environments and safer homes.

App Features

Available on iOS or Android

Get notified when the air in your home requires attention and how to fix it

1 step setup process

Real-world tips on how to improve the air quality of your home

Educational messaging backed by data

A Tethered World

Tether is a solution for property management companies and property owners that believe in tenancy for life and healthy homes.


By providing real-time information on the air quality in your buildings, you are empowered to target those properties that threaten the health and safety of the families that occupy them.


Without accurate and real-time data, action cannot be taken and real change cannot occur. We believe that through understanding air quality we can improve living comfort and make a real difference to the overall health of homes and the families that occupy them. 

Our Vision

Safer Buildings

Smarter Homes

Healthier Families

Lower Risks

Better Investments

The Tether Leadership Team

Tether was founded and is managed by a team of exceptional individuals with incredible track records.

Stephen Reid.png

Stephen Reid

Independent Director

Bevan Adin.png

Bevan Adin

Independent Director

Brandon van Blerk.png

Brandon van Blerk

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Smith.png

Andrew Smith

Lead Developer

Jordan Clist.png

Jordan Clist

Chief Technical Officer

Daniel Lamborn

Engineering Lead

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