The Tether Story

Tether was formed in response to a question and challenge the founding members were posed in May 2017, that question was,


"How can you monitor and manage indoor air quality across hundreds or thousands of properties simultaneously without any dependencies such as electricity or network connectivity" 


That question drove us to create a product that not only monitors and manages IAQ at enormous scale but also does so in a way that makes the data meaningful. What gets monitored and how frequently is paramount to the utility of the data. Working with industry experts allowed us to hit the sweet spot.


Each founding member of the Tether team has a technical background, from systems engineering to software development and embedded electronics. Our technical prowess and thirst for perfection can be seen in our product and the way we engage with our customers. We are proud of what we have created but this is just the beginning.


Our goal is to impact as many lives as possible through empowering smart decision and highlighting risks that could save lives and protect valuable assets.


The Tether team and I are incredibly excited to work with you.


Brandon van Blerk

Tether CEO

Our Philosophy

Unwavering focus on healthy buildings

Never stop innovating

Good Teams build outstanding companies

Always add value

Be our toughest customer

The Tether Leadership Team

Tether was founded and is managed by a team of exceptional individuals with incredible track records.

Bevan Adin.png

Bevan Adin

Independent Director

Jordan Clist.png

Jordan Clist

Chief Technical Officer

Brandon van Blerk.png

Brandon van Blerk

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Smith.png

Andrew Smith

Lead Developer

Stephen Reid.png

Stephen Reid

Independent Director

Daniel Lamborn

Engineering Lead