The Tether AirQ

Custom built to meet the demands of large and small-scale deployments, the Tether AirQ ticks all the boxes.


Before designing and building the Tether device, we approached a number of industry experts. We determined what needed to be measured to make the biggest impact on the healthiness of homes and the level of comfort experienced by the families that live in them.


The Tether device was designed and built around 4 main pillars:


  1. Low Power

  2. Low Cost

  3. Ease Of Use

  4. Accuracy and utility of measurements and data


Device Features


Carbon Dioxide


Relative Humidity




Ambient Noise




Ambient Light

+ 3Yr Battery Life

or Mains Power​

Why Choose Tether Devices?

Extremely low power allowing for 3 years of battery life 

A price point that is suitable for the residential market

Frictionless setup process and ease of use. 

Highly accurate sensors specifically chosen for maximum ROI

Technical Specifications
Sensor Specifications
Device Specifications