The Tether Platform

The Tether portal was built as an enterprise-grade multi-tenanted cloud-delivered platform that allows you to view and manage all your Tether enabled buildings.

The portal provides dashboard, alerting and reporting capabilities. This enables large-scale monitoring, management, interpretation and visualization of all Tether connected devices.

We built the portal on Amazon Web Services' (AWS) hyper-scalable server-less architecture enabling true multi-tenancy with enterprise-grade reliability, security and performance.

Key Features

Real-time monitoring

Open API allowing seamless integration

Configurable Alerting

Intelligent Analytics 

view and manage all assets

Real-Time Monitoring

All data collected by our devices is delivered to the portal via the Tether Network and analysed in alignment with BRANZ and WHO (World Health Organisation) IAQ standards. The result is an immediate insight into the IAQ of each property as well as your entire portfolio. These standards are configurable as required.


When powered by battery, the device will take a reading every 10min and send the average of 3 readings to the portal every 30mins. If the device is powered by mains then the reading intervals can be set as preferred.


Open API

Tether has a robust, secure and comprehensive API. It is our belief that you should have your data where you want it, when you want it.


By request, Tether can provide you - or a 3rd party - API access to your Tether data. The Tether API enables you to store, analyze and process the data in a way that best suits your organisation.


We are happy to help you with any integration that you may need.

Configurable Alerting

Alerting is vital part of the Tether solution. As a standard, the portal will alert on:


  1. Dangerous IAQ conditions as defined by WHO and BRANZ

  2. If the device has been tampered with and is offline

  3. Low battery

  4. IAQ conditions that could cause damage to properties or health


Alerting is configurable - any required metrics can be setup for alerts



Indoor Air Quality Analytics

The Tether portal allows you to easily see trends across all metrics captured through our dynamic graphing system.

  • See all readings

  • Filter by device

  • Filter by date

  • Filter by sensor